Bold New Colours from a Renowned Expert

Our Global Creative David Scott and Colour Development Specialist John English discuss the influences, insights and imagination that inspired the new KYDEX colour palette and continue to drive collaborative colour conversations.

David Scott on Light as a Design Element


We view colour through your eyes.
Colour is at the center of everything you create. That's why KYDEX and renowned designer David Scott have developed a bold colour palette to help you push the envelope. And fully realize your vision. Our evolving palette is style-forward, surprising and fresh. And above all, designed to inspire.

The palette consists of six collections: Tangents, Tempest, Impulse, Constant, Repose and Resolve. Each has its own unique character and story. Yet their colours can be mixed and matched, and come in a variety of compounds, textures and finishes. So you can find the perfect synthesis that speaks to your needs.

Our designLab™ experts can show you how KYDEX materials interact with light. How they come to life when heated and formed. And how you can incorporate KYDEX innovations into your designs. There are no rules. Just let your imagination soar.

Colour can affect people in ways they don't really understand. That is the task of designers. Emotions are as integral to the palette as the pigments themselves."
-David Scott
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David Scott
More on David Scott
  • Internationally recognized interior designer and visionary
  • Extensive experience in the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Lead designer of the long haul experience for a major airline's new 777/300 fleet
  • Collaborator with KYDEX to develop new directions for products in all markets
  • Founding member and past president of the Design Institute of New Zealand

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