SEKISUI Chemical Group

A New Frontier, A New Lifestyle.

Since its founding, the SEKISUI Chemical Group has delivered a wide range of products and services to enrich people's lives and the social infrastructure. Our corporate philosophy of creating social value while responding to stakeholders' expectations, has us advancing our efforts on a daily basis.

The SEKISUI Chemical Group pledges to continue pioneering new frontiers through prominent technologies and quality, contributing to improve the lives of people around the world and global environment, and through these efforts realizing further growth.

The company's goal is to work together as one to be a company that can be trusted by the members of society and achieve continued growth.

When SEKISUI became the first Japanese company to establish operations in the U.S. fifty years ago, they had great aspirations for their business.

SEKISUI KYDEX stands today as a successful result of what two cultures, united in a common goal, can achieve. At the core of our business model are two fundamental constants: Our mindset to continually improve our manufacturing quality through proven, rigorous Japanese processes (Kaizen, Monuzukari, etc.), and our commitment to educate and inspire our customers – rather than sell them.