Sustainability Initiatives

Committed To A Responsible Environmental Policy

At SEKISUI KYDEX, being "green" is no recent trend. In fact, being environmentally responsible is an essential part of our business philosophy. We strive to produce and sell all of our products while keeping with our commitment to and regard for safety, health, and environmental protection worldwide. 

Learn more about the KYDEX® Thermoplastics sustainability initiatives and process here.

Did You Know...

SEKISUI KYDEX thermoplastics are 100% recyclable – making them a sound investment for your company AND the environment. 

Our Optimized Manufacturing Processes

We always work to limit the environmental impact of our sheet manufacturing, by optimizing our processes to increase yield while reducing waste.

For instance:

Did You Know...

During the winter, heat produced in the manufacturing process is recycled to heat our manufacturing facilities.

Protecting Our Natural Resources

Air – By using clean energies such as electricity in the manufacture of thermoplastics, insignificant particulate matter or carbon dioxide is emitted from the production process into the air.

Water – During the manufacture of SEKISUI KYDEX thermoplastics, we limit the use of water for processing; in fact, water never comes in contact with the process. Where water is used, it is recycled internally, and no surface water is discharged.

Energy – At two of our three facilities, raw material is shipped to us in rail cars to minimize fuel consumption.

Making Sustainable Products

Our thermoplastic sheets require lower processing temperatures when compared with most other polymers in the industry. This translates into lower energy consumption, that when combined with high-efficiency motors and sophisticated temperature controls allow us to create high quality products that are also very energy efficient.