Bloomsburg, PA, USA—December 14, 2021—SEKISUI KYDEX released their new custom Decorative Textures and Kleerdex™ Custom Translucents collections for integration into KeyShot 3D Animation software.

The Decorative Textures collection includes 20 geometric, organic, textile, stone, woodgrain, and leather inspired textures. Designers now have the tools to incorporate KYDEX® Decorative Textures as well as their classic textures, Liquid Metal colors, and inspirational color library as digital materials for use in KeyShot to envision the aesthetics they desire.

You can download the SEKISUI KYDEX Decorative Textures and Kleerdex™ Custom Translucents collections to be integrated into your 3D models.

Both sets include geometric, organic, and textile-inspired textures plus leather, stone, and woodgrain exclusively in our Decorative Textures Collection. Included in our opaque set are Classic Extruded Textures and the SEKISUI KYDEX color library.

According to Design Director, Karyn McAlphin, “This collection offers a variety of beautiful textures curated to provide the visual interest designers seek, whether that’s a small, tight, technical look, or a flowing, organic design. The play of light across the surface creates more options by accentuating matte and glossy surfaces. I’m excited to see which textures designers respond to most and how they incorporate them into their overall design.”

Using KYDEX® thermoplastics enhances your product design with stunning decorative textures while maintaining chemical resistance and cleanability. From credenzas to stowage compartments, KYDEX® Thermoplastics create depth and visual excitement that will elevate the passenger experience.

To explore these textures outside of KeyShot, reference the SEKISUI KYDEX Decorative Texture Guide here:



SEKISUI KYDEX innovates and creates sustainable thermoplastic material solutions for the next generation of product design. SEKISUI Chemical’s corporate commitment to Speed, Service, and Superiority is realized through the KYDEX® Thermoplastics’ business model of manufacturing bespoke materials with short lead times in small quantities. This Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) model at three manufacturing campuses expands beyond thermoplastic sheet. The KYDEX® portfolio also includes injection molding resins, proprietary Infused Imaging™ technology, integral special effects, unique textures, and custom products and design. The SEKISUI KYDEX appLab™ and designLab® Innovation Centers are collaborative spaces for clients and customers to bring the supply chain together for rapid prototyping and design development. These spaces are the bridge between engineering and art. More than 300 dedicated professionals in Bloomsburg, PA, and Holland, MI, working with a global network of sales and distribution partners, are committed to delivering more than their customers can imagine. Visit for more information.