Do you have a great idea? Need a collaborator to produce a prototype? Are you looking for a partner to help engineer and design the right geometries of your parts to create a new and innovative product? We can help!  

Our appLab™ Engineers are ready to help you realize your ideas through an iterative process inside the appLab™.  

The team can review part drawings and provide guidance on part creation techniques to efficiently and cost effectively bring your idea to fruition. 

We can discuss material selection and design, as well as create prototypes inhouse and begin testing their performance. 

The appLab™ is your partner from start to finish in providing expertise, ideas, and a place to test the reality of your imagination.  

Innovation Story

Read about one of our most successful innovation stories, The A/B Project. featuring Rapid Prototyping for the development of a concept aircraft seat.

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The appLab will walk you through every step of the process from understanding the process to holding the part in your hands.

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