Agricultural and Heavy Equipment

Transforming Agricultural and Heavy Equipment for Maximum Efficiency

With the market for agriculture and heavy equipment continuing to grow and evolve, cabin designs are being updated to reduce fatigue as operators are required to monitor more systems, as well as decrease weight, part counts, and overall complexity for improved efficiency and extended life of components.

Thermoplastics are durable, UV resistant, and provide a wide range of design options. Their integral color and range of finishes keep surfaces looking new. Thermoplastics can be formed into large parts, providing a robust alternative to traditional materials like fiberglass or painted metal, and won’t dent, ding, or fray. From the interior to the exterior, our products are ideal for the following applications:

Manufacturers are aware that customers are extremely brand loyal and protect their brand assets, including color, design, and aesthetics. Our team will work with you to move from design to prototype faster and more cost effectively. SEKISUI KYDEX’s Thermoplastics are versatile, providing products that exceed specifications and hold up to harsh environments. ALLEN® Thermoplastics provide long lasting, durable performance, reducing minor damage, and nuisance repairs.

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To learn about the benefits of thermoplastics and how to convert from your current material to thermoplastics, visit our thermoforming basics section

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