Building Interiors

Together We Can Enhance the Retail Experience

Today's retail environment is more challenging and demanding than ever. Retailers continue to update and modernize store designs to attract shoppers through dynamic and enhanced in-store experiences as they blend traditional and digital realms into a seamless customer interaction. Thermoplastics can help retailers deliver a unique and consistent look and feel while improving durability and functionality. Our materials are impact resistant and ideal for high traffic areas such as cash wraps, check-out stands, and displays. Chemical and cleaner resistant, thermoplastics are well suited for:

Building Interiors

Why SEKISUI KYDEX’s Thermoplastics?

SEKISUI KYDEX's Thermoplastics offer unlimited possibilities to customize colour to match your brand and palette. We work with each customer to develop custom imaging and designs that become part of the material, integrating subtle brand and design cues that enhance the overall look and feel of the space. Colour consistency throughout the material reduces the appearance of marks and scratches. Thermoplastic sheets can conform to horizontal and vertical surfaces including sharp corners, compound curves, and undercuts, and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials.

Thermoplastics are the ideal material for Kiosk housings and components. Read more about the benefits of thermoplastics when designing and implementing your next Kiosk program.

To learn about the benefits of thermoplastics and how to convert from your current material to thermoplastics, visit our thermoforming basics section

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