Self-Service Moves Mainstream

The market for kiosks continues to grow as the need for an efficient, convenient self-service option finds its way into retail, hospitality, and restaurant applications. Thermoplastics offer an alternative to the traditionally used metal and fiberglass materials for kiosk housings because they are robust, wear resistant, and will not fray, dent, or ding. The color of the material is consistent throughout its thickness, so scratches and marks are virtually unnoticeable.

Thermoplastics offer increased design freedom through:

Thermoplastics and harsh environments

Thermoplastics are chemical and stain resistant, and can be cleaned without discoloration. Strong and ductile, thermoplastics are impact resistant, making them a durable solution in nearly any environment. The weatherability of thermoplastics also make them ideal for outdoor applications. Sheet metal tends to corrode in exterior environments while thermoplastics do not.

Connect with SEKISUI KYDEX

SEKISUI KYDEX supports kiosk manufacturers by offering a range of thermoplastic materials manufactured in nearly any color to match your application. With low minimum order quantities and short lead times, manufacturers can offer custom kiosks to almost any size customer.

We are here to help with our high-performance thermoplastics, and our knowledgeable and collaborative team of experts.  Download the Kiosks whitepaper and Kiosks market guide today.  

To learn about the benefits of thermoplastics and how to convert from your current material to thermoplastics, visit our thermoforming basics section

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