The Global leader in thermoplastic sheet

Thursday, March 10, 2011

KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet has a long and storied history.

The founders of Plexiglas® introduced KYDEX® in 1965. KYDEX® is an extruded alloy of acrylic and PVC polymers with a unique combination of low flame spread, chemical resistance, and extreme toughness. That's why KYDEX® sheet serves so well in abusive environments. We have the first purchase order from United Airlines, and have spread our wings into a number of industries throughout more than 45 years.
KYDEX® sheet is everywhere you go.

Our principal markets are transportation, healthcare and building products. In transportation, you'll see thermoformed components in aircraft, train and bus interiors. KYDEX® sheet is frequently found in medical imaging and diagnostic devices, cart tops, and hospital beds. In building products, KYDEX® sheet is often used for wall coverings, laminate for store fixtures, acoustical partitions and ceiling panels.
Big on short runs. Long on choices.

Our specialty is small custom production runs ASAP. Color is another strong suit. We have developed over 4,000 hues. Plus, there are 30 different types of KYDEX® sheet all developed for specific applications. We have an extensive worldwide distribution network to help us logistically support an increasingly global customer base.
Changing by design.

Engineering design assistance and support is being requested more often as OEM's consider switching from fiberglass and metal components to thermoplastic components because of weight, environmental considerations and cost benefits. The ability to provide design elements, such as color, texture and gloss, will become expected by our customers. OEM's are also asking for assemblies or kits they can plug into their manufacturing processes. Fast customization will become more the norm.
Thinking ahead of the times.

Increasing demand for more sophisticated products in emerging markets will drive change in our industry. Plastic materials that inhibit flame spread and generate low smoke with little or no toxicity will be more important as regulations become more stringent. Environmental initiatives will be a growing factor. Some plastics will be banned and replacements will be too costly, which is encouraging us to look at non-plastic alternatives. We foresee more applications for thermoplastic part recyclability, too. The future is Green and KYDEX LLC will be a global leader in that realm, too.