KYDEX Translucents steal the show at Hamburg AIX

Friday, April 20, 2012

Designers have waited to see it. Engineers have worked hard to achieve it. Many said it was impossible.

Then KYDEX did it.

The first FAA and aviation OEM -compliant, colourful thermoplastic translucent sheets are here. Only KYDEX, LLC has them. And airline interior design will never be the same.

KYDEX frosted translucent sheets liberate light and colour. Seating installations, monuments and dividers that once blocked light can now transmit it, colour it and transform it into an active design element. That allows designers to create a cohesive, consistent and customized interior. One that makes the most of LED lighting, and communicates the airline brand through form, colour and texture like never before.

"Show me the new translucents. My boss said I have to see them now."

That's just one snippet overheard in the KYDEX booth at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2012 in Hamburg, Germany in March. The buzz spread fast on the AIX floor. Designers could not wait to see the game changer from the KYDEX designLab™. And talk to KYDEX design guru David Scott about the possibilities.

Scott was as animated as they were about the breakthrough, and chatted happily for hours with his colleagues. As Scott explains, this kind of close partnership is at the core of KYDEX solutions. "It's our responsibility to work closer with the design end of the industry and for our designLab™ to continually push boundaries so that they can, too."

The new material is being introduced to select specifiers and customers, with a focus on project-specific applications. As the product and palette expands, so will the availability of this innovative product.

KYDEX International Business Manager Ronn Cort elaborates on the evolution of KYDEX translucent. "The giant leap was to actually get to a point where we had a product that had the ability to interact in a bigger environment. The ability to play on the advent of light and mood, was a significant game change. Since then we've evolved with the advent of a compliant, translucent material."

KYDEX also hosted the European debut of its new style forward palette. This bold 64-colour offering consists of six collections: Constant, Impulse, Resolve, Tangents, Tempest and Repose. The colours can be mixed and matched, and also be used as starting points for limitless customized hues.

Translucents that liberate light. Bold new colours that inspire imagination. Words and images that bring cabin interiors to life. And the inspiration is only just beginning at the all-new KYDEX designLab™.