Profile extrusion parts for mass transit

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

U.S.A. Bloomsburg, PA – May 23, 2017. — SEKISUI Polymer Innovations, LLC and Plastifab, a Montreal profile extruder, have partnered to bring KYDEX® P88 and KYDEX® P2200 profile extrusion parts to the mass transit interiors market available exclusively through Plastifab.

Mass transit interiors frequently require profile extrusions as trim pieces to cover seams and exposed edges or to join parts where they come together. Profile extrusion parts are typically sold as complementary accessories to thermoformed parts and are a critical part of interior railcar design because they provide an attractive transition from one thermoformed part to another. Now, profiles can be a more integral part of the interior design adding to the overall aesthetics and not an afterthought. KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet and KYDEX® profile extrusion compounds are manufactured using the same colorants ensuring color consistency between the thermoformed parts and profile extrusions.

Benefits beyond aesthetics

Profile extrusion thermoplastic parts contribute much more than refined aesthetic. They also reduce cost, production time, and fuel consumption.

Since KYDEX® Thermoplastics have integral color, parts made from them don’t require a secondary finish such as painting. Replacement costs are also lower than traditional materials because KYDEX® Thermoplastics resist chipping, cracking, and discoloration. Furthermore, unlike fiberglass, when parts are eventually replaced, they can be recycled directly into the production stream.

A lightweight and compliant choice

Light weight requirements, toxicity compliance, and environmental concerns have become more common and rigorous. They have spurred sourcing thermoplastics over traditional materials.Thermoplastic profile extrusion parts are lighter than metal and composite profiles and are available in thinner gauges, which means less fuel consumption and more design flexibility for enhanced interior décor.

Partnership across the supply chain

SEKISUI SPI supplies the profile extrusion compounds to Plastifab, who works with customers to fabricate custom profile extrusion parts. To Rich Cort, Mass Transit Market Business Manager at SEKISUI SPI, the partnership with PlastiFab is an ideal match. “PlastiFab has earned their superb reputation during their 40-year history of manufacturing. With in-house tooling, custom profile capabilities, and quick turnaround, we are fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with them on bringing these offerings to the mass transit market.”

Andrea Herrmann, Market Development Manager, explains “with excellent engineers and designers who allow and support each client to customize their product to the smallest detail, SEKISUI SPI has an impeccable reputation in the mass transit market. We are excited to partner with such an excellent company and dedication to bringing performance plastic profiles to the next level as a valuable component in new designs.”

Product details

KYDEX® P2200 is a high performance thermoplastic profile extrusion compound designed for mass transit interior applications where SMP800C or BSS7239 compliance is required. It meets full flame, smoke, and toxicity requirements. It complements KYDEX® 2200LT sheet.

KYDEX® P88 is a proprietary, high performance profile extrusion compound designed for mass transit interior applications that meets flame and smoke regulations. It complements KYDEX® 6200 sheet.

Plastifab is a premier solutions extrusion company who utilizes a wide variety of materials to focus on custom profiles for transportation, automotive, lighting, waste water treatment, industrial, architectural markets and P.O.P. For more information about Plastifab visit:

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