SEKISUI KYDEX Official Response to COVID-19

Monday, February 22, 2021

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact

Dear SEKISUI KYDEX partner, 

It’s encouraging that rate of new COVID-19 infections in the USA is dropping rapidly, although even now at a very high level, which reinforces our strong belief that precautions and diligence are still required to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. At SEKISUI KYDEX, we are continuing our diligent focus on maintaining the safety and health of our employees while continuing to meet the needs of our customers. We continue to update protocols to stay in compliance with CDC and state guidelines and are actively monitoring the COVID-19 news as it relates to our employees, our customers, and our suppliers. To date we have been able to continue all our operations.    

Please reference this weekly situation report, or as we used to say in the Navy, our weekly SITREP, for the current status of our supply chain, production, lead times, etc. 

February 22, 2021 Status: 

Bloomsburg Campuses: GREEN
Holland Campus: YELLOW 

Summary:  All plants are operational, although production at our Holland facility (ALLEN® brand) has been slowed by production staffing shortages. In Bloomsburg (KYDEX® brand), absences have not impacted lead times. A total of nine new employees have started today across both sites, which should help alleviate staffing shortages going forward.      

Employees:  There is one employee out for testing in Holland, but the facility continues to be short staffed as we are actively hiring for open production positions. In Bloomsburg, we still have a single COVID-19 related absence. All on-site personnel are wearing masks and following other best-practice protocols. All employees who can work from home will continue to do so, as has been our practice since March.    

Customers: Please contact our Customer Collaboration Team for specifics related to your order. If there are any issues with your order, Customer Collaboration will reach out proactively. 

Suppliers:  The ABS market is still incredibly tight, with one supplier unable to supply certain grades. Customers have been notified and Holland is switching customers to alternate resins. If there are any issues with your order, Customer Collaboration will reach out proactively. Additionally, we have added PC to the list of materials such as ABS, PVC, acrylics, film capping, and many more that are seeing price increases and increased lead times (up to 22 weeks) due to high demand and market shortages, compounded by the recent freeze-ups and shutdowns in Texas. 

Shipping: Shipping is operating normally at this time, with a few sporadic winter weather-related delays. Our dedicated trucks for the Holland, MI facility are fully operational. The worldwide imbalance of shipping containers has not had any impact on our ability to export. Customer Collaboration will contact you in the event of any impact to your delivery.     

Management: The Senior Management Team continues to meet daily (remotely) to monitor the situation and to update our plans as needed.        

Please reach out to your SEKISUI KYDEX contact if you have any questions.   

Thank you,  

Justin Noll | Vice President, R&D and Supply Chain

T: +1.570.387.6997 x648



The vaccines are rolling out slowly but surely,