Our Processing Procedure

Thermoplastic sheets are manufactured from raw materials, including polymer resins, colorants, and additives, depending on the specific formulation required. Raw materials are blended to exacting standards to ensure uniformity throughout the batch and consistency between batches. 

Once the raw materials are blended, they are heated, pressed through an extrusion die, and drawn into a sheet through a set of rollers. While the sheet is still warm, it passes through additional roller sets to reach the desired thickness and specified surface texture. As the sheet travels down the line, it cools and is cut to size. This process ensures dimensional stability and a uniform thermoplastic sheet. 

Thermoplastics are characterized by their pliability above a specific temperature, and their ability to re-solidify upon cooling. This allows them to be easily shaped and molded without changing the properties of the thermoplastic material. 

SEKISUI KYDEX thermoplastics manufacturing process