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ALLEN® 6000 Technical Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet

ALLEN® 6000

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A high gloss, medium impact Acrylic/ABS product designed for outdoor products needing UV protection. Works well for specialty colors, metallic effects and applications needing high distinction of image.

ALLEN® 6000 is designed especially for outdoor product applications that require protection from UV exposure. It also works well for indoor applications when specialty colors, metallic effects, and distinction of image are needed.

ALLEN® 6000 is created with a unique three-layer extrusion process to enable its unique set of properties and has been tested under laboratory conditions and has achieved a UL94 HB rating at 0.060 in (1.52mm) and above.

•    Automotive interiors and exteriors
•    Radomes
•    Cell antenna covers
•    Kayak decks & hulls
•    Shower surrounds
•    Bathtubs
•    Marine Dash and components