KYDEX® 4545

General Information

KYDEX® 4545 is a proprietary, high performance thermoplastic sheet specifically formulated to exceed the heat release and smoke density requirements in FAR 25.853 making it an ideal material for composite constructions.

KYDEX® 4545

Product Features

ULTRA Low heat release gives designers flexibility to use a number of different materials in bonded-build configurations, while staying well within stringent FAA and project-specific regulations. KYDEX® 4545 exceeds the flammability and smoke development requirements outlined in Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) 25.853 paragraphs (a) and (d). Its low heat release and smoke density offers an enhanced level of safety for interior components while making it an ideal material for composite constructions. Its wide processing window and ease of thermoforming makes it perfect for complex parts.

  • Exceeds the stringent requirements of FAR 25.853(d) in all thicknesses and colors
  • Excellent formability and fabrication characteristics
  • Processes similar to KYDEX® 6565 and KYDEX® 5555
  • Allows for tight tolerance control
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Available in P3 – Velour Matte texture