KYDEX® 7115 Lumina™

General Information

KYDEX® 7115 Lumina™ is a thermoplastic sheet designed for backlit applications. Utilizing Infused Imaging™ technology for decorative patterns, Lumina™ allows light to pass through the material, creating a new passenger experience combining light and design. KYDEX® Lumina™ meets stringent FAA compliance for heat release and smoke density

Product Features

KYDEX® 7115 Lumina™ is designed for backlit panels and decorative accents in aviation interiors. It meets flammability and smoke development requirements outlined in Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) 25.853 paragraph (a) and (d). The product allows design freedom in aircraft interiors with our Infused Imaging™ technology to diffuse or disperse light to create effects. KYDEX® Lumina™ has contact clarity: one cannot see through it unless it is illuminated from behind or in a well-lit space.

  • Increases design freedom for backlit panels and accents
  • Expanded design options with Infused Imaging™ technology
  • Meets the stringent requirements of FAR 25.853 in all thicknesses
  • Excellent fabrication and formability characteristics
  • Resistant to chemical reagents and cleaners commonly used within aviation interiors
  • Available in P3 - Velour Matte texture