Our Products

Raising Standards With Design, Functionality, And Innovation.

SEKISUI KYDEX provides solutions across a number of industries that make products lighter, stronger, and better, we don't just meet standards, we set new ones and help you imagine things you never thought were possible. Our products have the physical, mechanical and thermal properties you want, and the aesthetic versatility you'll love.

We Offer More Than Just A Product – We Provide Solutions For Every Need.

Applying Our Products To Your Needs

Our products can be molded into virtually any shape, take any number of colours. They are practical, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing, so you can expect results that were once only a vision. Common uses for our products can be found in:

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Inspiring Industries With Product Guidance and Excellence

SEKISUI KYDEX products introduce new ways to consider thinking about, designing, and revolutionizing solutions in a number of key industries, including:

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Proven Track Record of Excellence

SEKISUI KYDEX educates, inspires, and supplies customers with ideas, products, and solutions that elevate them beyond their imaginations. We're proud of our customers' successes because they are ours too. Read through our case studies to find out how we help our customers find solutions.