The poster commemorating SEKISUI Chemical Company’s 50th Anniversary Kaizen presentation convention in Kyoto, Japan was designed by SEKISUI SPI’s Meaghan Troup, Marketing and Graphics Coordinator. Entries were received from all over the world and judged by the marketing team at SEKISUI Chemical. Congratulations, Meaghan! Kaizen (literally, “change good”) is the Japanese manufacturing practice of continuous improvement built on the principal that big results come from many small changes over time.

Each January, groups from SEKISUI Chemical companies in Japan, North America, Mexico, China, Europe, and Asia-Oceania convene in Kyoto to share Kaizen presentations to help each other improve. Presentations are judged by a panel and prizes are awarded to the winning Kaizen team.
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Poster Design Concept: Origami
Origami has been integral to Japanese culture since the 7th century. More than a simple paper craft, origami is an art form and mathematical puzzle, which requires thought, patience, and perseverance.

The “Further Continuation and Expansion” of Kaizen requires the same disciplines of thought, patience, and perseverance, though on a broader scale. In origami one may follow a set of instructions precisely to achieve the desired results, but experimentation with paper folds can lead to new forms. Likewise, following the guidelines of Kaizen leads to a safe and healthy working environment. However, when a problem arises, investigation is necessary to create a solution.

Origami captures the idea of creating something beautiful and complex from a simplex object. In manufacturing, we must always be searching for ways to improve and grow our product, and be innovative with how our product is used. The design concept of origami birds emerging from a light bulb symbolizes our creative ideas taking flight and breaking through the mundane.

SEKISUI KYDEX will be closed November 25-26, 2021 in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S.
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