Germany, Hamburg—10 April 2018-- SEKISUI Polymer Innovations, LLC announced the opening of appLab™, the newest addition to their suite of innovation centers, at AIX Hamburg this week. The appLab™ is part of the company’s larger vision for a collaboration space that provides inspiration and helps customers develop game-changing solutions at any point in the product development process.

SEKISUI SPI’s appLab™ is a place where designers and customers begin with product ideation and see their ideas come to fruition. The appLab™ explores undiscovered needs, breaks barriers, and encourages new perspectives by combining creativity, product expertise, and the technical services of the designLab® and FSTLab™. All the tools, fabrication and test equipment, machines, expertise, and technology needed to convert a concept into a component are housed in a two-story, 8,000 square-foot collaboration space for clients and customers across industries. Customizable designs and testing are part of the package, ensuring trailblazers have the support they need for focused exploration in achieving comprehensive solutions.

Customers who want to convert existing products into lighter, safer, stronger, and more environmentally sustainable options will find inspiration at SEKISUI SPI’s appLab™. The appLab™ is a one-stop shop for encouraging potential and creating advantages for those who arrive with an open mind and a spirit of ‘what if...?’

Ronn Cort, COO and President, said, “We will go beyond the traditional partnerships in our industry such as tooling manufacturers, formers, and adhesive suppliers that directly pertain to our material and processes. Instead, we will focus on developing partnerships with material and component manufacturers outside our industry. We want our collaborations to result in complete assembly solutions rather than single parts or materials. It is a place where design thinking comes to life to encourage customers to develop and move from prototype to production-scale manufacturing.”

The appLab™ experience is ideal for industrial engineers, product developers, and product innovators who embrace different, new approaches to the development process. Dennis Kelso, appLab™ Manager, said, “Instead of settling for the same approach and technologies from similar industries, we will push boundaries and ways of thinking that raise the bar for our customers and the markets we serve.”

The appLab™ is expected to open in fall 2018 at SEKISUI SPI’s Bloomsburg, PA location.

SEKISUI KYDEX will be closed on Monday, May 29th to commemorate Memorial Day.
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