Converting to Thermoplastics

A variety of factors are driving the conversion from traditional materials to thermoplastics. As industry looks to reduce weight, component complexity, and part counts, thermoplastics have increasingly become the material of choice.

In other industries, thermoplastics offer durable and robust alternatives for housings, coverings, and surfaces. We have provided additional materials to help you determine if thermoplastics are a suitable alternative material for your application.

For more information on typical uses of thermoplastics in specific applications, visit our Markets page.

Additional technical resources on the benefits of thermoplastics can be found here >

For more information on how to convert your design to thermoplastics, or to learn more about SEKISUI KYDEX and our line of KYDEX® and ALLEN® Thermoplastics, contact us, or contact your local SEKISUI KYDEX representative.

The Society of Plastics Engineers Thermoforming Division offers additional resources from the basics of thermoforming to detailed part, mold, and oven design.

SPE Thermoforming Division Resources