About designLab®

The designLab® provides a space to bring the supply chain together to iterate in real time, comparing textiles, colour, texture, and thermoplastics simultaneously.

Inside designLab®, you gain access to the latest technology, a hands-on workspace to customize how you design, and the flexibility to create your own colours with live, in-process adjustments.

Explore Customization in the designLab®

Infused Imaging™ Technology

Infused Imaging™ puts colour and imagery into thermoplastic material. Not on it.

Custom Colour Creation

From a hairbrush to a pomegranate, anything can inspire a custom KYDEX® Thermoplastics colour. The designLab® team doesn’t match colour but they create custom colour.

Aviation Interior Lightroom

This life-size lighting booth enables designers to use custom airline light settings to visualize how textiles and thermoplastics will complement one another in an aircraft environment.

X-Rite TAC™ Ecosystem

Explore the latest in 3D virtualization with X-Rite’s TAC™ Ecosystem. Use vivid colours, textiles, imagery, technology, and real-world examples to create your own virtual prototype.

designLab® Experience

designLab® is focused on creativity and collaboration with customizable workspaces. From mood boards to digital design screens to a lounge for contemplation, everything you need for your colour, material, and finish decisions is at your fingertips.

Infused Imaging™ Technology

Explore how KYDEX® Thermoplastics with Infused Imaging™ technology can enhance bespoke environments using colour, images, and texture without sacrificing strength and durability. Artwork is produced to meet colour requirements and fit a variety of applications.

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Innovation Story

Read our featured story about collaborating with BUTTERFLY®, Catherine Barber Studios, LTD, and Tapis on a journey through the appLab™ and designLab®Innovation Centers, where engineering and design meet.

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3D KYDEX® Textures

Decorative Textures | KeyShot | 3D Maps
This custom collection includes 8 Classic and 20 Decorative Textures including geometric, organic, textile, stone, woodgrain, and leather inspired textures for use on opaque Kleerdex™ material as well as 64 SEKISUI KYDEX library colours and Liquid Metals colours (color compilation only available for KeyShot).

Kleerdex™ Custom Translucents | KeyShot | 3D Maps
Access 12 geometric, organic, textile, and stone inspired textures for use on translucent Kleerdex™ panels.

Videos To Inspire

Go on a journey of discovery using colour, from “What is Colour?” to “Creating Inspired Choices”.


What Is Colour?

It’s not about duplicating one tone, but capturing specific qualities.


Matching Custom Colours

It’s not about duplicating one tone, but capturing specific qualities.


Creating Inspired Choices

It’s not about duplicating one tone, but capturing specific qualities.


Variations On Black and White

There’s no such thing as just black and white.


Leadership in Colour Design

Developing the thermoplastic canvasses that make bold new colour palettes possible.


Thinking Globally About Colour

Diverse cultures, trends, and traditions inspire the SEKISUI KYDEX colour collections.


Conceptualizing in Colour

Discover the influences, inspiration and ideation behind the SEKISUI KYDEX colour palette.


Texture Is The New Colour

The tactile is also visual, and texture can change the surface appearance, light reflection capabilities, and interplay of differently textured thermoplastic parts.

Meet the Team

Our team of dedicated and highly qualified engineers and technicians are here to make your project go smoothly. Each member of the team brings something special and unique to the experience helping you through every step of your journey.


Make a Request

The designLab® offers custom colour creation. From a hairbrush to a textile, request a colour to fit your inspiration. Our in-house technicians can custom blend nearly any colour with a range of finishes to meet your needs.

Request a Custom Colour Match

Colour isn’t constant. It is affected by light, environment, weather, and other materials. We’ve curated sample collections to inspire your designs.

View colour samples

Custom Colour Match Request Forms

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