Infused Imaging™ puts colour and imagery into thermoplastic material. Not on it.

Infused Imaging™ is a Crystal Cabin Award-winning, proprietary process that embeds imagery into thermoplastic material. It gives designers, seat manufacturers and airlines the power to create bespoke environments using colour, images and texture without sacrificing strength and durability.

In fact, far from compromising durability, Infused Imaging™ multiplies it. Because the imagery is in the material, it does not chip, fade or delaminate the way capped and traditionally printed images can.

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A few examples of what’s possible with Infused Imaging:

Bubinga Wood

Bubinga Wood
White Inverse

Teal Amour

Birch, Red
Flat Light

Concrete IV

Fiber II

Gravel Flecks

Cracked Floor

Full Flowers



Sable 50%


Gold Amour

Now there’s KYDEX® Lumina™ —and you’ve never seen anything like it.

The newest advancement in thermoplastics is KYDEX® Lumina™, a 2019 Crystal Cabin Award finalist. Lumina™ allows designers to paint with light, making bold sweeps of colour throughout the aircraft cabin. And it’s versatile enough to allow each passenger to personalize their environment using light, one seat at a time.

Lumina™ is a proprietary, fully compliant opaque material that blossoms when lit from behind, revealing embedded imagery. Created by KYDEX® envisionaries to give designers more freedom to create unique airline interiors, Lumina™ is not a lighting system. Rather, it’s a new way to individualize aircraft interiors without the harsh edge or high cost of complex LED lighting systems.

Lumina™ is ideal for passenger spaces, privacy screens, class dividers, galley and bar accents, backlit décor, boarding area effects, enhanced fill panels, and more.

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