KYDEX® 510

General Information

KYDEX® 510 is a weatherable sheet with superior performance for thermoforming and as a decorative sheet for lamination.

KYDEX® 510

Product Features

An acrylic cap protects the surface, providing excellent weatherability for outdoor use. This product is now available with decorative caps. While excellent in thermoforming, KYDEX® 510 is also being used as damage resistant surface material.

  • Highly impact resistant as measured by the Notched Izod Impact Resistance test
  • Fire retardant (self-extinguishing) with a UL Std 94 V-0 rating
  • Low moisture absorption, resistance to chipping and cracking, excellent fabrication and machining properties and flexibility
  • Excellent forming properties, uniform wall thickness and crisp detail
  • Can be drilled, punched and cut using standard woodworking or metal working tools
  • Exhibits a Dielectric Constant of 2.76 @ 60 Hz, 2.53 @ 800 MHz and 2.51 @ 1.9 GHz