Bonded-Buildup Just Got Easier with KYDEX® 4545

June 8, 2015

USA. Bloomsburg, PA—June 4, 2015. — SEKISUI SPI today announced the release of the ultra-low heat release KYDEX® 4545, a new addition to their innovative KYDEX® Thermoplastics product line. This addition makes SEKISUI SPI the first and only thermoplastic sheet manufacturer with a complete aviation interiors product line, from flight deck to economy class.

KYDEX® 4545 is a proprietary, high performance thermoplastic sheet specifically formulated to exceed the heat release and smoke density requirements in FAR 25.853. Its ultra-low heat release, wide processing window, and ease of thermoforming make it ideal for composite parts that include bonded build-up applications. This allows customers the flexibility to use a number of different materials in their bonded build configurations, while still staying within stringent FAA regulations.

Applications include passenger-facing seat components, bulkhead laminates, passenger service units, and other cabin interior parts.

“As a material supplier to industries with demanding applications, it’s our responsibility to always add to what we’ve accomplished. This addition to our product line is another significant step in fulfilling that commitment while providing our customers one material source,“ says Lydia Swan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “The daunting number of sizes and quantity of components used in aircraft interior cabins make achieving a multi-faceted, layered design a significant challenge. When materials are from different sources, realizing consistent colour, texture, and gloss is extremely difficult.”

KYDEX® 4545 exceeds the flammability and smoke development requirements outlined in Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) 25.853 paragraphs (a) and (d). Its low heat release and smoke density offers an enhanced level of safety for interior components while making it an ideal material for composite constructions. It is available in a wide range of custom colour and velour matte texture.

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