We Hold Our Facilities to the Highest Standards. 

Our manufacturing operations and R&D facilities are certified to the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system, as well as the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Our commitment to the ISO 14001:2015 standards ensures that SEKISUI KYDEX complies with applicable laws and regulations while minimizing how our operations affect the environment. 

ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015 

We practice and honor above-and-beyond best practices for our industry, business, and planet. 

What drives this commitment? We agree with the International Standards Organization and practice Kaizen. 


ISO 9001:2015: Quality management system 

ISO 14001: 2015: Environmental management system 

The ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 families are among ISO's (International Organization for Standardization) most widely known and successful standards ever. 

ISO 9001:2015 has become an international reference for quality requirements in business-to-business dealings, and ISO 14001:2015 looks set to achieve at least as much, if not more, in helping organizations meet their environmental challenges.

ISO 9001:2015 is concerned with "quality management." This means what the organization does to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer expectations and applicable regulatory requirements, continually improving its performance in this regard.

ISO 14001:2015 is primarily concerned with "environmental management." This means what the organization does to minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by its activities, and continually improving its environmental objectives. 

ISO Principles 

  • Customer focus 
  • Leadership 
  • Involvement of people 
  • Process approach 
  • System approach to management 
  • Continual improvement 
  • Factual approach to decision making 
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships 


Kaizen is Japanese for "improvement" or "change for the better." We can always do better. It's what fuels us, no matter our place in our ecosystem.