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Infused Imaging™ is a Crystal Cabin Award-winning, proprietary process that embeds imagery into thermoplastic material. It gives designers, seat manufacturers, and airlines the power to create bespoke environments using colour, images, and texture without sacrificing strength and durability.

About Infused Imaging™ Technology

Infused Imaging™ puts colour, special effect, and imagery into thermoplastics to personalize the passenger experience and convey brand stories. Because the imagery is in the material, not on it, it does not chip, fade, or delaminate the way capped and traditionally printed images can.

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Full Flowers

Wood Planked


Cracked Floor

KYDEX® Lumina™

Lumina™ is a proprietary, fully compliant opaque material that blossoms when lit from behind, revealing embedded imagery. Created to give designers more freedom to create unique airline interiors, Lumina™ is not a lighting system. Rather, it’s a new way to individualize aircraft interiors without the harsh edge or high cost of complex LED lighting systems.


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