KYDEX, LLC Launches First Line of Fully Compliant Coloured Translucent Thermoplastic

October 2, 2012

Seattle, WA - September 25, 2012 – KYDEX, LLC announced the launch of the aviation industry's first fully compliant coloured translucent sheet at Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas, in Seattle, Washington. KYDEX® FST CTL debuted earlier this year at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg where attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the new line.

"At KYDEX, we understand the challenges designers face in industries like aviation, particularly that design-forward products must also meet industry compliance," said Ronn Cort, president at KYDEX. "We are excited about the possibilities that coloured translucent sheet brings to the industry and look forward to collaborating with our customers on new solutions that enhance the customer experience."

KYDEX FST® CTL is the first coloured thermoplastic translucent sheet that meets the compliance mandates of the aviation industry. The line was specifically formulated to meet all Boeing and Airbus toxicity requirements for aircraft interior components. KYDEX FST® CTL is available in eight colours including Aurora Bourealis (green), Velocity (red), Rainbow (purple), and Turbulent (gray) among others. The line provides design flexibility of material selection for three-dimensional components where transparent elements enhance design functionality, such as privacy walls, counter wraps and monuments.

The new line of coloured translucent sheet from the KYDEX designLab™ supports the KYDEX mission of collaborating with customers to provide innovative solutions. This news follows the launch of a new 64-colour palette from the KYDEX designLab™ earlier this year, and the appointment of KYDEX visionary Ronn Cort to president in July.

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