Injection molding is the counterpart to KYDEX® Thermoplastics offering a cohesive look across parts.

Have you been challenged with matching material performance with aesthetics? Whether it’s matching colour, texture, or maintaining a like-new appearance over time, when parts are from different sources, achieving visual consistency among these materials can be difficult.

KYDEX® Injection Molding resins are a specialty formulated thermoplastic alloy and share the same physical properties as KYDEX® Thermoplastic sheet, and when used together, it’s the perfect combination. KYDEX® IM materials have integral colour and are specifically engineered to match KYDEX® thermoformed parts, contributing to the overall seamless aesthetic. Just as durable and chemical- and stain- resistant as their counterpart, they are ideal for high-traffic areas.  

Offering many benefits beyond aesthetics, KYDEX® Injection Molding materials share the same physical properties as KYDEX® sheet:  

  • Meets UL Std 94 V-0  
  • Chemical resistant  
  • Easy to process  
  • Integral colour  
  • Durable 

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