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Together With Our Customers We Deliver Revolutionary Products Across A Number Of Industries.

When our customers come to us to deliver solutions that make a difference we step up to the challenge, regardless of the industry.

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B/E Aerospace

The world's largest manufacturer of interior products for aircraft cabins uses thermoformed seat components with aircraft-rated thermoplastic alloy to get the job done.


The BUTTERFLY® 2.0 Seating project is a perfect example of bringing disruptive ideas to the aviation interiors market with partners Butterfly Flexible Seating Solutions, TAPIS, MGR Foamtex, Studio Catherine Barber and SEKISUI KYDEX.


KYDEX T Helps Norduyn reduce operating costs and win the Crystal Cabin Award.

THE A/B PROJECT: RedCabin Inspires Collaborative Craftsmanship at SEKISUI KYDEX

Inspired by the RedCabin Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit and innovation, the A/B Project is a shining example of collaborative craftsmanship and enhancing the passenger experience.

DH Product Design

We introduced strength and versatility for lighting design – but it was our willingness to listen and understand the designer that made this story a true success.

Edwards Manufacturing

The supermarket environment is hostile for fixtures, so we worked with Edwards Manufacturing to reimagine the checkout counter to withstand the constant damage they took with a thermoplastic solution.

Hastings Entertainment

These superstores made their image and service center more durable with vacuum-formed, damage resistant thermoplastic – with no signs of wear or call-backs.

Herman Miller Furniture

When performance characteristics for impact, sharp object, and heat resistance matter, SEKISUI KYDEX can membrane press heavy-gauge thermoplastic sheets that produce the look you are looking for.


Major Retailer chooses SEKISUI KYDEX to provide a better choice over high-pressure laminate, which was prone to cracking, chipping, peeling and other surface damage, in high-traffic areas – KYDEX 3D Laminate was the solution.

Leisure Technique Limited

Faced with a major shift in their industry, Leisure Technique Limited turned to KYDEX Thermoplastics to be an agent for change in the company.

Manchester Airport

A global hub, an award-winning artist, and SEKISUI KYDEX. See how we helped revamp the departure concourse at Manchester Airport with durable and stylish curvilinear Benches made with thermoplastic alloy.

Piedmont Kiosk

Radical design and fabrication methods redefined appearance, durability and repair ability of bill payment kiosks.

Piedmont Woodworking

See how one residential cabinetmaker membrane-pressed its way into the kiosk and retail display business.

Protean Design

See how Protean Design created innovative modular exhibits using lightweight, fire rated thermoplastics to maintain its reputation for its cutting-edge display designs.


We helped our client create outdoor directory holders that were resistant to weather and vandalism using proprietary thermoplastic sheets.


Switch to high-impact thermoplastic sheets and eliminate seat failure in motion theatre attractions – that’s what SimEx did.

Smithsonian Hall of Mammals

The Smithsonian store needed a solution for the toll high-volume shopping traffic took on its shelves – so they turned to SEKISUI KYDEX to deliver a proprietary, fire retardant thermoplastic alloy that even featured three-dimensional mammal patterns.

Soft Play Europe

Soft Play Europe focuses on quality in design, construction, and play value, as much as it does with meeting safety and durability standards in playground equipment – SEKISUI KYDEX was there for all of the above.

Total Image Specialists

The new signage was getting all the attention, but it was thermoformed housing of high strength thermoplastic sheets that held it all together.

ESAB Welder

The switch to plastic housings and internals cut costs and multiplies welder service life in even the most corrosive environments.


We helped Amtrak meet the demand for fire, smoke, and toxicity compliance while providing superior technical support that guided them to the right solution – the KYDEX 6200 LTR Rail Grade Sheet.


When a global leader in delivering innovative products and services that set new standards in sustainable mobility turned to us to help them set those new standards – the KYDEX Thermoplastics helped them build a stronger, greener route for the Las Vegas Monorail.


When a Colorado entrepreneur envisioned the world’s first 100% battery-electric bus, he knew success depended on having design materials that were lightweight enough to boost battery efficiency without compromising durability and aesthetics. He turned to KYDEX®—for zero emissions and endless possibilities.

MedRad, Inc.

The switch to proprietary KYDEX Thermoplastics alloy increased image clarity of MRI instruments at MedRad, Inc.

MedViron Overbed Hospital Table

Using KYDEX® Thermoplastics, MedViron LLC, designed an attractive, durable, and functional replacement for a traditional overbed table to address critical issues of hospital environments.

Mercury MD

When Mercury MD needed a PDA Kiosk for patient data transfer that was resistant to fire, impact and cleaners, we worked with them to deliver the perfect solution.

Polyfab Plastics and Supply

We worked with Polyfab Plastics and Supply to create a surgical fluid collection unit that benefited from proprietary thermoplastic alloy.

Restorative Care

See how we used thermoforming to play a critical role in enhancing orthotic devices for Restorative Care.


We helped Thermofab bring their imagination to life with a 17-piece heart laser housing pressure device formed of proprietary thermoplastic alloy.

WaveMark Smart Cabinets

Choosing the right material is essential in helping hospitals manage inventory and control costs. We worked together with WaveMark using the KYDEX Thermoplastics to get the best results.

Wheelchairs of Kansas

See how KYDEX T with built-in antimicrobial protection was used to enhance the durability, reliability, strength and clean ability of Wheelchairs of Kansas.

Zido® Carts

See how KYDEX 3D Laminate improved Zido Carts by giving them durable properties to beat harsh environments.

Optare Bus

Optare turned to our proprietary thermoplastic sheet that enabled it to achieve design, production, and performance objectives. With innovative bumpers and skirts to withstand high impact, we kept their buses looking new.

Plastika Balumag Money Box

When it came to protecting its money – Plastika Balumag thermoformed a money box that out-performed metal in sledgehammer, axe tests.

Coca-Cola OBM XT Arcade Display

Proof that durability and product display can be had without compromising a thing exists – and the membrane pressed Coke display is just one example we have.