Regrind Management

Working Together To Help You Recognize And Realize True Value.

Our Regrind Management Program helps you recognize the value in your scrap material. Because 20-50% of material costs on every job will end up as regrind, we make it easy to get the full value of regrind through careful tracking, testing, transparency, and competitive pricing – not to mention the exceptional quality and dependable service that SEKISUI KYDEX prides itself on.

Tracking \ Waste Micro-Management

From timely pick-up of trim scrap through sorting and storing, we carefully track regrind so you always know how much material is on hand to put back into orders. We can also broker any unneeded regrind on the open market, helping to recoup some value.

Testing \ Regrind Reborn

Our in-house lab runs material through a rigorous testing process of up to seven steps. This helps us identify material contamination and diagnose the source, to ensure durability, purity, and safety that's comparable to virgin material.

Transparency \ Behind The Plastic Curtain

We provide online access to information about your regrind through ALLEN® Thermoplastics Customer Central. Customers always know how much material they have, and when it will be available — with no surprises.

Competitive Pricing \ More Value At Market Rates

The value of regrind credits with SEKISUI KYDEX is always competitive with other extruders. On top of that, we also provide free pick-up, timely turnaround, plus skids, and Gaylord boxes.