SEKISUI KYDEX Official Response to COVID-19

Monday, July 06, 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact

Dear SEKISUI KYDEX partner, 

In the US, we are still very concerned about the surge of COVID-19 cases as many stores and businesses re-open. We are continuing to actively monitor the COVID-19 news as it relates to our employees, our customers, and our suppliers. To date we have been able to continue all our operations.    

Please reference this weekly situation report, or as we used to say in the Navy, our weekly SITREP, for the current status of our supply chain, production, lead times, etc. 

July 6, 2020    Overall Status:  GREEN   [No change since last week.] 

Summary: All plants are fully operational, and we expect to continue to operate indefinitely. 

Employees: No new cases of COVID-19 have been reported. All on-site personnel are wearing masks and following other best-practice protocols. Shifts are appropriately staffed. Work from home (WFH) employees will continue to operate remotely for the foreseeable future.          

Customers: We are maintaining normal lead times. We are expediting all orders for COVID-19 related medical applications. Please contact our Customer Collaboration Team with order information.   

Suppliers: We are experiencing no material supply issues.  

Shipping: Shipping is operating normally at this time. Our dedicated trucks for the Holland, MI facility are fully operational. International shipping (ocean/air) is still very tight, but we have experienced very few delivery issues. Customer Collaboration will contact you in the event of any impact to your delivery.

Management: The Senior Management Team continues to meet daily (remotely) to monitor the situation and to update our plans as needed.        

Please reach out to your SEKISUI KYDEX contact if you have any questions.   

Justin Noll | Vice President, R&D and Supply Chain

T: +1.570.387.6997 x648